A Great Way To Stay Fit And Healthy


The question on how to stay healthy and fit has been floating around the web for years now. People have been wondering if there is some secret formula to staying healthy when, in all seriousness, it's really very simple, and there is not much to think about. In this article I will try to explain the main ways of how to stay healthy, and some simple guidelines you can follow to keep your body and weight in check.


Don't eat anything that can't go bad


This is probably obvious once you think about it, but most people don't take any extra thought when they eat processed foods. The main reason foods with no expiration date are bad for you is that they are full of preservatives and chemicals that are horrible for your body. These preservatives actually eat away at the healthy tissue in your body and shorten your life span. They can increase your blood pressure and lead to many health issues down the road.


Eat More Protein


Most people who try to diet limit their intake of protein, which is a huge mistake if you're trying to watch your health. Protein actually has been proven to increase the metabolic rate at which your body metabolizes foods. Studies have shown that people who eat more protein burn twice as many calories throughout the day than people who do not eat any protein. Not only does protein help you to lose weight, but it is also necessary to help your body to build muscle and stay strong to support itself.


Drink More Water


This is probably obvious, but most people are dehydrated all day every day. Drinking water can fix so many health issues in your body within just a week or so. One of the main reasons for drinking water is to help flush out the excess sodium and sugars that we consume throughout the day. Your body can only take so many grams of sugar and sodium and the rest, or extra, can lead to health issues. So, the best way to rid your body of excess sodium and sugars is to flush it out with sugar.


There are many more ways to stay healthy. Including drinking green tea [http://www.wearewomenshealth.org], exercising and consuming more vegetables. To learn more ways to stay healthy, all you have to do is visit [http://www.wearewomenshealth.org].