Dog Training - Easy Ways to Make a Best Friend


Dogs are without a doubt man's best friend. With a little knowledge they can become a treasured part of the family. Dog training is very important to the harmonious running of any household.


There is a lot to think about when you are adding a dog to the family. Dogs can display many antisocial types of behaviour. These may include peeing in the wrong place or time, barking too much, chewing on your favourite shoes or maybe the postie's shoes with the postie still in them. They can get into digging holes where you don't need them, run down the road as soon as you open the door or become anxious and upset as soon as you pick up the car keys to head off to work.


You really can teach an old dog new tricks. It is possible to have a dog inside all the time. It can be a pleasure to take a dog for a walk and not have them pulling on the lead or haring off after every cat they see. Dogs do not have to leap up at you and lick you to death.


Dogs will respond positively to rewards and praise. Their training should be fun and consistent. If a dog is allowed to sit on the door mat one day and not the next it will become confused. They understand your tone of voice and some body language. If you train with fear and punishment they become unhappy and you can create more problems.


It is important for the dog to know who is the boss. When you answer the door you must be the first one to the door. When you sit on a chair the dog sits on the floor. When toilet training the dog should get used to going on on a particular surface, whether it be gravel, newspaper or whatever. There are many simple tricks to training a dog and if you are gentle and consistent you will be rewarded with a best friend.


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